Psychic Energy

    One reason why many of us fail in our attempts to develop psychic abilities is because we simply don’t have enough psychic energy. The energy needed for psychic and spiritual growth and accomplishment doesn’t come from the food we eat, not primarily anyway. 
    We get this energy from many places. We can get some from plants, from the air, from everything in the environment, but mostly it come from the sun. Just as the physical sun is the primary source of energy for physical life and the spiritual sun is the primary source of energy for the spirit, the sun is also the primary source of psychic energy. It is all just a matter of frequencies. 
    But taking in psychic energy isn’t enough. You also have to not use up the energy you take in unnecessarily. There are several ways in which we waste the psychic and spiritual energies that we take in. One way is with sex. When we have sex, we use some of that energy. If we have sex often, we end up with low reserves of psychic and spiritual energy. If we are full of negative and angry thoughts, that too can waste energy. Especially when you are angry, you give off a lot of energy that can be harmful to others and depletes your supply. Diet is also important. Eating the wrong kinds of foods, namely red meat and heavily processed foods, can use up some of your energy reserves. 
    So the two things you need to do to get enough energy is to take in enough energy and use it wisely.
Remember that sharing energy with others is not wasting it. Also remember that developing psychic abilities is NOT the same as developing your spiritual self.


The Relativity of Superiority

Down and still
the superior persons, though somewhat inferior,
are still superior.

They are still superior, so there must be something they are superior to.” ~D. H. Lawrence

    No matter how inferior we may be, we all want to be superior. We can do that with self-improvement, but that is hard work. An easier way to be superior, is to find someone else who is even more inferior than us and then we can feel so superior to that person. The crook need not feel inferior when he can point out how superior he is to the murderer. The liar need not feel inferior when he can point to someone who tells whopper after whopper and makes millions doing it. The sick kid who hangs stray cats can feel superior to the CEO of GoDaddy who shoot elephants for fun or the CEO of Facebook who believes you shouldn’t eat what you won’t kill so he takes field trips to slaughter houses where he has slaughtered a pig and a goat so far. No matter how inferior you are, if you can find someone inferior to yourself, you can be superior. 
    But what happens when you turn and look in the other direction? When you look at those who have fewer and lesser faults than yourself? Than you are going to feel inferior again. 
    Since we are all one, we are all superior and we are all inferior. We are all responsible for each other so the only way to truly become superior is if we all do it together.


Random Thoughts 5-29-2011

  Aren’t levees a fantastic invention? Now, instead of nature deciding what areas will be flooded and what areas will be spared, politicians get to make the choice. Isn’t that a wonderful improvement?

 A reminder that God isn’t the one causing the floods, tornadoes, etc.  It is our contnued refusal to live according to God’s law and follow God’s plan that is causing it.  And it will continue, and probably get worse, until we wake up.


The annual convocation in Reno this year will include this two day conference open to the public. The focus of the conference will be on healing sounds and vibrational therapy. One of the scheduled speakers is Joshua Leeds who I’m familiar with through his book “Through a Dog’s Ear”. Over the next few months, I will post information about the guest speakers.


The PAST is for evaluating and learning from its memories and lessons;
The PRESENT is for living in accordance with the constructive benefit of the
knowledge and experience gained in the past;
The FUTURE is for the charting of Life’s course into new directions, wherever
indications of possible improvement exist
.” ~Ruth Dyke