To Christians, horns are generally considered symbolic of Satan, devils and demons. While that is part of the truth, it is not all of it. Horns generally symbolize something supernatural, spiritual or divine. Horns sticking out of the head or helmet indicated that one had great power and/or was divinely inspired. Horns can also symbolize royalty, victory or strength. Ancient statues of saints and holy men often show them with horns, rather than halos, indicating holiness. 
    I know I and many others were shocked to see Michaelangelo’s statue of Moses where Moses has small horns sticking out of his head. Many jump to the conclusion that Michaelangelo was trying to say that Moses was working for Satan, or was himself a demon, but that is simply not true. He was simply following the convention of using horns to indicate holiness. 
    Another area where horns seem to have conflicting symbology is in cosmology. Horns can symbolize sun gods or the crescent moon and the lunar deities or demons. 
    Horns also can symbolize war or someone who is associated with war. Warrior gods were often depicted with horns or horned helmets. Likewise, warrior gods are often symbolized by horned animals such as bulls, rams or goats. The horns of a female animal such as a cow can symbolize a goddess instead. The Egyptian goddess Hathor was symbolized by cow horns. 
    Horns are also symbolic of fertility, sexual energy or regeneration. Long, sharp horns are especially considered phallic symbols. Nature gods like Pan and fertility spirits like satyrs have horns.
    Horns with a long ribbon hanging from them symbolize storm gods and tornadoes. 
    A Unicorn horn is symbolic of good luck or magic.
    In dream symbology, seeing yourself, or a man, with horns indicates a possible illness. Seeing cows or bulls with horns indicates that you are a good organizer. Seeing horns in a dream may also indicate aggressiveness or animalistic behavior. Someone blowing a horn (an actual animal horn or modern replacement) indicates that you need to start listening to your intuition.


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