Storms of Thoughts

    People often ask, or at least wonder, why God doesn’t prevent the many disasters that seem to be occurring with increasing frequency. Why didn’t he stop the earthquake that hit Japan? Why doesn’t he stop the tornadoes? Why doesn’t he stop the floods and the hurricanes? There are two reasons.
    Have you seen the classic science fiction movie “The Forbidden Planet”? In that film, a violent monster is killing people. When Walter Pigeon tells Robby the Robot to kill the monster, Robby shorts out. That is because his programming won’t allow him to harm humans and he knows that the monster is coming from Walter Pigeon’s subconscious mind so the only way to stop the monster is to kill Pigeon. The same thing applies here. God could stop the storms, earthquakes, tornadoes, etc., but only by killing us. 
    It is our negative, angry and violent thoughts that create those storms. We are doing it to ourselves without really realizing it. When we have strong thoughts accompanied by strong emotions, we generate a kind of energy vortex. Those vortexes of angry, hateful energy combine with others, and those combine with even more: there is plenty of these negative energy vortexes to go around. And when the vortex gets big enough and strong enough, it becomes something physical: a storm, an earthquake, a war, etc. The only way God can stop this is to stop us from generating those thoughts.
    Second, if you tell a kid to stay away from the hot stove or the barbecue grill so he won’t get burned, but he insists on getting near it and touching it anyway, the solution is to let him get burned a little and learn his lesson the hard way. You don’t put oven mitts on his hands so he can touch hot things without getting burned. He would not learn if you did that. Likewise, we all need to learn that our erroneous behavior has consequences. If God prevented the consequences, we would not learn from our mistakes.
    So if we want to prevent disasters, we have to do it ourselves by controlling our thoughts and behavior.


Healing Herbs: Pygeum

            Pygeum is a large evergreen tree found in Africa. It is also known as African Plumb. The bark of the tree is the part mostly used for medicinal purposes. Pygeum is an herb that is primarily used for urinary tract problems, especially those caused by an enlarged prostate. It contains terpenes that are anti-swelling so they aid in reducing the enlargement of the prostate. It is often combined with saw palmetto when used for enlarged prostate. It may also help prevent prostate cancer. Some animal studies indicate that it can increase sperm count in males. It is also sometimes used to treat impotence, fevers, kidney disease and malaria. It may help with urinary tract infections and erectile dysfunction. It has also been used as a tonic to treat hair loss. It may help with some cases of stomach upset. 
    Pygeum is considered generally safe, but may cause diarrhea, constipation or nausia in some sensitive individuals.


Random Thoughts 4-24-2011

Another interesting case of synchronicity this week. I wanted to put a photo in my Earth Day post, but I didn’t want to copy the same photos everyone else is using. Then, someone sent me a link to a youtube video that was perfect.

How sad that a supposed Christian preacher chooses Good Friday, the day when Jesus was killed for not sticking to the orthodox religion of the time, to express his intolerance of religious diversity by holding a Koran burning in Dearborn, Michigan where the population is about 1/3 Muslim.

I am posting Easter Greetings today because this is the day when most celebrate Easter this year. We in the International Community of Christ always celebrate Easter on April 18th which is when the first Easter happened.

You may do all things that men regard as religious, but unless they inspire you to lead better lives, unless they enable the spirit within you to find greater expression, then you are not religious as we see it. “~Silver Birch

Azalias in my back yard