Change is rarely easy. That is one reason why there are so many people in the world who are opposed to change of any kind. People fear that if something in the world changes, they may have to change to deal with it, and they don’t want that. There are also people who like change, but expect it to always be a pleasant thing. They don’t like it when change causes problems, even temporary ones. But we have to be realistic. 
    Take the example of doing some major renovations on your house. Not a simple thing like a new siding or a fresh paint job, but real renovation. The first thing that has to happen is that the old has to be torn out to make room for the new. Walls may have to be knocked down, windows and frames removed, garage torn down, etc. Even the simple new siding thing may require removal of old siding, rotting boards, rain gutters, etc. So before you get the beautiful new home that you want, you, or the contractors, have to make a total mess of the old in preparation. It looks awful, but your OK with that because you understand that it is leading to a better house when the project is finished.
    Our planet, our society, and really the whole material universe, is now undergoing such renovation. It isn’t going to be just a fresh coat of paint, so some of the old must be torn out or torn apart to prepare for the new. This renovation process comes in many forms: storms, tornadoes, earthquakes, wars, political unrest, nations and empires crumbling, etc. It certainly isn’t nice and nobody wants this, but sometimes it is necessary. Before the new world, a spiritual world that will value each individual and the rights of each, but also the obligation we each have to function as part of the whole, can be created, the old must be destroyed to a large extent. We can limit how much of the current world has to be destroyed to make the transition by voluntarily changing ourselves and others into the spiritual beings that are meant to be. It’s not something we can do overnight, so the sooner we start, the better.


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