To be an aristocrat of the sun,
you don’t need one single social inferior yo exalt you;
You draw your nobility direct from the sun
let other people be what they like.”~D. H. Lawrence

    When a military leader takes over a country or territory by force and makes himself the new ruler of that country for life, we call him a dictator. A few centuries ago, he would have been called a king. We then honor the descendants of these kings and queens, calling them royalty and aristocracy. 
    As D. H. Lawrence indicates in his poem “Aristocracy of the Sun”, there are real aristocrats in the world, real royalty. They do not seek to control nations politically. They do not try to become super wealthy by taking from the people they supposedly are serving. No, this aristocracy seeks only to save mens souls and, in doing so, to save the world. And they don’t get their power by using the military to kill their opponents or put them in prison. They get their power from the Sun. Not the physical sun, although it is a source of great power, but the spiritual sun, the Sun of Righteousness. And because there power comes from the spiritual sun, their cause is always the cause of God. It cannot be otherwise. The power of the Sun of Righteousness comes from God, the thoughts, the information embedded in that energy, comes from God so the thoughts and actions of those who take in that energy is always doing the work of God, the Will of God. 
    Unfortunately, getting energy from the spiritual sun, while limiting the harmful energy you can get from the material sun, is a difficult and tricky process. That is why is should only be done with the guidance of a spiritual teacher or reputable spiritual school.


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