Random Thoughts 3-27-2011

I wonder if anyone has stopped to consider what would happen if an earthquake like the one that hit Japan, occurred in the Gulf Of Mexico in the middle of all those oil wells?

I recently discovered that there are several web sites where writers can post articles on a variety of subjects and than others can use those articles in there blogs or eZines. The only restriction is that you leave with the article the attached author information and links and, of course, you cannot make any changes to the article. I used one such article this past week and I will probably use more over the coming months. I will also be posting some of my articles on these sites for others to use.

I now have two eBooks available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. I also created an author’s web site as recommended by books on self publishing.

  Cosolargy Video

We have heard in the news about Japan that the Coach company has seen it’s stock value drop because sales are expected to plunge in Japan, but that really shouldn’t be a problem. It seems the new hip fad among business men in China (Yes! I said men), is to carry an expensive leather purse and Coach is becoming very popular with them as well as with Chinese women.

Some people are concerned that Malawi’s proposed air quality law is so strict that flatulent people could get arrested for fouling the air.

A matter of priorities? Forty percent of the people in Cambodia have cell phones. Only twenty percent have toilets.

Perhaps that explains why a company in Canada has recently has two incidents of porta-potties being stolen.

When a 53-year-old neighbor refused to kiss a 92-year-old woman in Florida, she shot several rounds into his house.


Scripture: Psalm 148:1-4

Praise ye the Lord. Praise ye the Lord from the heavens: praise him in the heights.
Praise ye him, all his angels: praise ye him, all his hosts.
Praise ye him, sun and moon: praise him all ye stars of light.
Praise him, ye heavens of heavens, and ye waters that be above the heavens.

Yes, we should all praise God regularly.
I find the third line of this psalm intriguing. It is instructing the sun, moon and stars to praise God. Does that not imply that the sun, the moon, and the stars of light are living things?


Our Strange Age

    We live in a very strange age, an age of contradiction and backwards thinking. We think the dedicated monk is a crazy person and a failure in life, while the morally bankrupt business man is a hero to be emulated. 
    A person in marketing who convinces many people to buy something they don’t actually need at a ridiculous price is considered a genius. A hundred companies are offering him jobs. Meanwhile, the guy who tells the truth is labeled a trouble maker and a whistle blower which is really no different from the street gangs labeling someone a snitch. 
    This story recently popped up on Facebook. It’s about a company that is charging $1500 for a drug that used to sell for $10 thanks to the FDA declaring it an orphan drug. The people who work for that company probably celebrated the victory!  And the FDA that is supposed to protect the people is instead the protector or greedy corporations.
    A preacher of a mega-church pays off the young men accusing him of sexually molesting them, and the whole thing is forgotten and he goes back to preaching and making millions.
    We tell our kids to engage in random acts of kindness and respect all people and everyone’s rights, but the ones who get the viral video on youtube are the ones start fights, throw hissy fits, or generally act mean and angry. 
    We arrest a hacker for doing millions in damages, but after he serves six months in jail, he gets hired by a computer security company for a six-figure salary and he’s not required to pay back any damages.
    This backwards and contradictory way of thinking has happened before and usually ends with the downfall of an empire. This time will be no different except in scale. It will be the downfall of man if we don’t straighten out soon.


Healing Herbs: Ginger

        Ginger is another well known spice that is also a healing herb. The root of the plant is the part used. Ginger root is effective as a treatment for upset stomach and gas. It is also very good for travel sickness and morning sickness. Almost anything that causes nausea can be helped by taking ginger. Take ginger before a trip to reduce the chances of getting sick and take it when you are sick to reduce the symptoms. Whenever I go on a cruise, I always bring along ginger root capsules or candied ginger root slices to prevent sea sickness. It also works well on dogs that get car sickness. Ginger also aids circulation and is recommended for those who have cold hands or feet. 
    Recently, I read a magazine article that said ginger root is useful for reducing muscle pain, especially the type of muscle aches that occur after vigorous exercise. It is also helpful in reducing all types of inflammation such as arthritis and colitis. 
    Studies also indicate that ginger may help reduce cholesterol and prevent blood clots. It is also said to help regulate the heart and keep blood pressure normal by lowering it in those who have high blood pressure and raising it in those who have low blood pressure. Other research shows that ginger contains chemicals that are helpful in treating cancers but there isn’t enough evidence yet to say that ginger is an effective cancer treatment.  Ginger tea is good for sore throats, colds and congestion. 
    Oddly, ginger is used in some places to treat both constipation and diarrhea, so, in short, it keeps the bowels functioning normally. 
    In India, ginger is made into a paste and rubbed on the temples to treat headaches. It has been found useful in treating migraine. 
    Some believe ginger can aid weight loss by stimulating metabolism so you burn off more calories.