Petalite is a crystal of lithium sodium aluminum silicate. It’s color can be clear, white, gray, pink or yellow. Petalite aids in connecting with the spiritual worlds. They can carry us to higher realms and open our spiritual eyes to knowledge of the higher dimensions. It can aid in improving psychic powers. Despite it’s spiritual power, it also helps to keep us grounded. It is a stone of peace and tranquility. It uplifts us and expands our awareness. It takes us to the fountain of God’s Light. Petalite aids in forgiveness by improving our understanding of others and other points-of-view. Petalite is said to aid in connecting with and communicating with angels and other Light Beings. It also aids in tracing our connections to ancient civilizations. It opens us to greater spiritual development. For many centuries, it was a stone carried by shaman fro ceremonies and vision quests. Healers also sometimes carry Petalite to aid in channeling spiritual energy. If you are one who tends to be flighty, disorganized, scatter-brained, this stone will help you stay calm and centered for better concentration. 
    On the physical side, Petalite aids in all stress-related disorders as well as Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD).


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