It’s funny how some people think they can deal with God as if they were haggling with a merchant in a European bazaar.
“If you cure my cancer, God, I will go to church every day.”
“If you help me win the lottery God, I will do your bidding.”
“If you reveal yourself to me with a miracle, I will believe in you God.”

    But God isn’t a rug merchant or a street vendor and you can’t deal with Him as if He is. In order for God to fully awaken your soul and spirit and allow you to be fully enlightened, you must agree to serve Him and obey His will without conditions, without bargaining, without deals of any kind. 
    And the other danger of trying to bargain with God is that the one who responds to your request may actually be Satan, not God. If that happens, you have than put yourself in the position of being in debt to Satan. That is not a good position to be in if you want to achieve enlightenment.


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