In her very interesting Cave Man Novels, Jean M. Auel makes spirits a very important part of the day-to-day life of these primitive people. Oddly though, they never seem to mention God, the Great Spirit, or any other term to reference a Supreme Being, or Supreme Spirit, at least not among the Neanderthal. Of course, these books are fiction and very much of the social order of these people is speculation, but I find it hard to believe there could be a fairly sophisticated society, with tribes, leaders, shaman, medicine women, and a set of rules or laws, coupled with a strong belief in spirits, and yet have no concept of a Great Spirit, a leader of the spirits and the spirit world. While Auel is probably correct in believing that these people recognized that people and animals had spirits and that spirits had much control over their lives, it is a natural extension of this to believe in a Great Spirit. 
    To my knowledge, the most primitive tribes that exist today or exist in recorded history have had some belief in a supreme being. Most often, that God is associated in some way with the sun, if not the sun itself. And, while primitive people, both ancient and modern, may think of God as a physical being much like themselves, others have always though of God as a purely spiritual being, often associated with the spiritual sun, rather than the physical sun.
    I think one of the best proofs that there is a God is the simple fact that almost every human society since very primitive times has had some belief in God and that, despite the best efforts of non-believers to stop it, the non-believers never seem to be able to succeed in convincing everyone that there is no God.


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