If you have ever gotten seriously into physical fitness and worked out at a gym or health club, you probably were told at some time by a fitness instructor that you can’t just work on one area of the body if you want to get the best results. You can’t just do arm exercises because you want big arms and ignore the rest of the body. You can’t just work on your chest and ignore your arms. You can’t just do upper body exercises and ignore the legs. The reason is not only that you will get an unbalanced physique, but also because you can only grow one set of muscles to a certain point and then they will not grow more if the other muscles around them are not getting a workout as well. You have to grow them all together.
    In developing spiritually, the same is true on two levels. On the personal level, we have to strengthen all of our energy centers and keep them in balance (contrary to some schools that teach members to develop only the upper, more spiritual centers while ignoring the lower, more material ones). Beyond the personal level, out spiritual development is often limited by the other people around us, and indeed, all the people in the world. If we are around people with low frequency vibrations, or very negative vibrations and thoughts, that limits out ability to reach higher frequencies. That is why is is good to do our spiritual practices as part of a group or, when working with a group is not possible, go off somewhere where we can be alone. We also need to help other grow spiritually since the vibration level of the whole planet limits out level as well. In short, you must share what Light you get in order to get enough to achieve enlightenment.


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