If you had two children and one of them was well behaved as a child, always helpful to his parents, studied hard in school, and took care of you in your old age while the other was always getting into trouble, took your money, damaged your property, showed no respect for his parents or others, and avoided you after he grew up and moved out, which one are you going to leave your estate to when you die? Some will argue that it shouldn’t matter, they are both your children and should both get an equal share. But if you do that, aren’t you, in a sense, rewarding the bad behavior? Of course you are, and nobody wants to do that. 
    Obviously it is not right to leave equal shares to both, but what if things change just a little. Suppose when he gets a little older and finds out for himself what it is like to have to deal with problem children, the bad son has a change-of-heart, asks for forgiveness from his parents and does everything within his means to help them in their old age. Then should he get an equal share? Some people would still say no, but he should get something. God doesn’t see it that way. 
    God has one reward to give all his children: the reward of eternal life. He isn’t going to give that reward to those who defy him and essentially work against him by following Satan’s will. But he is also forgiving and will give that reward to those who are genuinely sorry for their past mistakes and do everything they can to make amends and to follow God’s Plan. So even those who make a decision late in life to follow the path of God will get the reward (after proper payment of karma, of course) but not if they wait until the last minute. If you spend your entire life defying God, it is too late to turn to Him to save your soul when you are on your death bed.


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