The aspirant who is seeking the Lord
Must free himself from selfish attachments
To people, money, and possessions.
When his mind sheds every selfish desire,
He becomes free from the duality
Of pleasure and pain and rules his senses.
No more is he capable of ill will;
No more is he subject to elation,
For his senses come to rest in the Self.
Entering into the unitive state,
He attains the goal of evolution.
Truly he attains the goal of evolution.

To seriously develop our spiritual side, we must stop being attached to material things: objects, people, pets, everything. This doesn’t mean that we cannot have any care for our loved ones or compassion for other beings, but we must do it without too much attachment to any of them. Such attachments are like sandbags holding our spiritual balloon down on the ground, or allowing it to rise only a little. The “evolution” referred to in this quote is of course spiritual evolution, not the physical type of Darwin.


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