So now God is working as a matchmaker and is under contract to At least, that is what they seem to be claiming in their advertising. I wonder how eHarmony, also run by Evangelical Christians, feels about that?

And now Twitter is getting in on it by having a twitter dating service. No word on what angels or prophets they may have hired to help.

I heard an introduction to a news story several times this week that said a new study showed that cell phones had an effect on brain activity, but I never saw the details. Of course, it should be obvious that bombarding your brain with microwaves is going to have an effect. The real question is: How much harm is it doing?

A new video on youtube from Gary Buchanan:

And a reminder that you can now get an ebook of the first three years of this blog for amazon kindle.


If the Mind dwells upon the spiritual things, then it follows that it becomes what it has dwelt upon, what it has lived upon, what it has made itself a portion of.
But if the Mind dwells upon self-indulgences, self-aggrandizement, self-exaltation, selfishness in any of its forms, in any of its variations, then it has set itself at variance to that First Cause: and we have that entered in as from the beginning, that of making will–through the Mind–at variance to Creative Forces before it has come into the movements of matter that we know as physical, material.
” ~Edgar Cayce


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