You might assume that tales in scripture of people attending a feast or banquet would be symbolic of materialism and egotism, but that is not the case. The feast is symbolic of a spiritual awakening, a realization of divine wisdom. The consumption of the fruits, meats and wine are symbolic of partaking in the gifts of the spirit such as wisdom, love, joy, faith and tolerance. Also, since a feast or banquet always involves a fairly large number of people, it is symbolic of how we can achieve spiritual goals more readily when we work together with others. And since we usually sit at the banquet table, this could also be considered symbolic of humbling ourselves before God when we receive these great gifts from Him. 
    Thanksgiving, and the various forms of this harvest feast that have existed for thousands of years, is also symbolic of being thankful and grateful to God for the gifts he has given us which, one again, are spiritual gifts, not material ones.


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