Perseverance is an important idea when it come to spiritual development. A lot of people get involved briefly with some spiritual school or system of spiritual development, but many of them give up quickly because they didn’t achieve the results they wanted as quickly as they wanted to. And we also have to deal with our ego that doesn’t want us awakening our soul for fear it will lose it’s status as our main guide. 
    We also have to deal with Satan and his minions. Satan, obviously, doesn’t want us to succeed in awakening our souls and achieving spiritual enlightenment so he puts obstacles in our path. We may be getting ready to go on a spiritual journey and our car suddenly breaks down. Or we have an accident on the way to the airport. We may be getting ready to attend a spiritual seminar when we get the flu and decide to stay home because of our illness. We may be getting ready to join a spiritual school when a sudden financial problem causes us to change our mind, or put it off until some indefinite time in the future. Some of those things may happen by coincidence, but very often they are the result of the minions of Satan interfering to prevent us from achieving spiritual enlightenment. We may even have to deal with well-meaning friends and relatives telling us we are wasting our time and money getting into developing our spiritual side. They too may be listening to Satan even though they are not aware of it.
    In short, the very materialistic world we live in today is not one that makes spiritual development easy so we have to have plenty of perseverance. We can’t give up just because we have difficulties. In fact, difficulties may be a good indicator that you are on the correct path since Satan would have no reason to oppose your efforts if you are following a false path.


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