Humans have a dual nature, I think we all know that by now. We have a good side and a bad side, a greedy side and a generous side, a sharing side and a hoarding side, etc. This was illustrated well in the classic tale of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.
     What many people seem to forget when they start to develop their spiritual side is that the same thing applies in that area. We really have both a dark spirit and a Light spirit. A dark spirit from the fallen angels who created the physical realms and a Light spirit from God who created the spiritual realms. This seems contradictory to some because they think anything spiritual must be from God, but you must remember that the fallen angels have a spiritual nature as well and that is why everything has a spirit, even if it is not a creation of God. Man is fortunate enough to have a Light spirit because God took pity on us after the fall and provided us with a Light spirit and a soul so that we could redeem ourselves and return to His realm. So when we join a spiritual school, or follow some spiritual development techniques from a book, we have to be careful that the spirit we are developing is the Light spirit. Actually, we always develop both, but the important thing is which one do we develop the most. With proper techniques and proper attitude, we develop primarily the Light spirit and soul, although the dark one is inevitable developed to some degree as well. 
    So how do you know if you are developing the Light spirit rather that the dark? One way to know is by observing how you change as a result. If you become more negative, angry, judgmental, fearful, etc. they you are developing the dark spirit. If you are becoming more loving, tolerant, forgiving, etc. than you are successfully developing your Light spirit. Another way of knowing is by the techniques used. If the techniques involve sitting in a dark room and using the powers of mind and ego, then you are obviously working on your dark nature more than your spiritual nature. If the techniques are primarily done in broad daylight aided by the power of the Sun of Righteousness, then they are working primarily on your Light spirit.


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