The Donaldson twins, eight-year-old Joe and Jim, loved Halloween and loved to dress up in scary costumes. There friends Richy and Ted felt the same. So they were really ready for Halloween Trick-or-Treat this year. 
    When the big day arrived, they couldn’t wait to get going. They all got there costumes on early, made final adjustments to the makeup, and they all met shortly before six at Ted’s house because his big sister Joan was going to be their escort this year.
    From Ted’s house, they headed up Walnut street and toward the Hampton Village area where people tended to be generous with the halloween candy. Of course, they stopped at the houses they passed on the way. Before the reached Hampton Village though, they discovered their little group had gained a new member: another kid their size in a fantastic werewolf costume. Richy, always the bold one, asked the new kid who he was. “I’m Dave”, he said, “Dave Randall”. “I just moved into this neighborhood and I don’t really know anyone yet. I hope you don’t mind if I stay with your group?” The kids all turned to Joan to see what she would say. She just shrugged her shoulders as if to say she couldn’t care one way or another. So Dave stayed with the group.
    As they continued on into Hampton Village, then beyond to the new Fireside Townhouses, many people commented on their great costumes, especially Dave’s werewolf makeup. The other kids were impressed also and asked Dave about it. He promised to tell them later how he did it. 
    They looped back after Cranberry Lane, and headed down the other side of the street. They managed to get back to Walnut street just a few minutes before eight: the official end time for trick-or-treat. But when they tried to ask Dave which house was his, they found he was no longer with them. None of them noticed him leave, he just wasn’t there anymore! Jane said they must of passed his house already and he simply went home, so they didn’t worry about it and headed home themselves.
    When Dave got home, his mother was waiting for him. She was very angry with him for going out on his own in a strange neighborhood. She was very worried that something would happen to him. He apologized to her for sneaking out but, he explained, he just couldn’t miss his once-a-year chance to go out trick-or-treating with other kids. And, while they all thought his werewolf makeup was fantastic, none of them suspected that he was a real werewolf. myspace graphic comments
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    What a great story! Love it!

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