Have you ever seen a comedy show in a club or on a cruise ship where a hypnotist gets people to do a lot of silly things?  I have seen a few.  I’ve seen a hypnotist get a young woman to fall madly in love with a rubber alien doll.   I’ve seen macho men turned into ballerinas.  I say a guy become obsessed with stealing the hypnotist’s balloons when he had his back turned.  
    One of the most fascinating tricks these hypnotists sometimes do on stage is telling two or more people that they are martians are only speak Martian and then instructing them to communicate with each other.  What happens is that each person starts talking in some made up language that is his idea of how a Martian would speak if there was such a thing as a Martian.  One persons version of the Martian is often very different from another’s yet, when they talk to each other, they seem to understand what the other one is saying.  Even the hypnotists find this fascinating, and they should.  What it indicates to me is that these people are actually communicating psychically on a subconscious level so the gibberish they are speaking doesn’t matter: they are actually communicating non-verbally.  And since almost everyone who is put in this situation by a hypnotist seems to communicate this way, it is a good indication that we all have the innate ability to communicate via direct mind-to-mind contact.  
    I don’t know if anyone has tried this, but I would like to see what would happen if the hypnotist told somebody he could speak in another language and the person really did start speaking in that language even though he didn’t know it before he got on stage.  That would be an entirely different type of psychic communication.
    One thing a hypnotist can’t do is get someone to defy the laws of nature.  He can’t hypnotize someone into believing that he is a hot air balloon and he start floating around the room.  So therefore, when people under hypnosis are communicating psychically, they are doing something that is perfectly natural.


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