Talking about good vibrations sound very 1960s Flower Children, nevertheless good and bad vibrations are a reality and they are important to people trying to develop their spiritual side.  Most would think that good vibrations are positive and bad vibrations are negative.  While that is certainly part of it, it is more complicated than that.  If we think of good vibrations as those that aid in spiritual development, than those are vibrations that are rhythmic and of higher frequencies.  Bad vibrations are just the opposite: low frequencies and discordant, noise.  Unfortunately, most of us live in cities and suburbs where noise cannot easily be avoided.  Even if you block your ears, the discordant vibrations are bombarding your body.  So what can you do about it?
    First, you can make an effort to avoid those places where the bad vibrations are at there worst: crowded bars and clubs, crowded sports arenas, and most other places where there are larch gatherings of people, especially if they are also broadcasting negative energy such as any anti-whatever gathering.
    Second, you can go to places where there are good vibrations.  A quite location in the country, on top of a mountain, on a quiet beach, deep in a forest, even a city park is better than nothing.  You can also expose yourself to higher, good vibrations by listening to music designed for that purpose.


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