Glendonite is an unusual type of crystal.  The name refers to calcite crystals, but only those that form when ikaite looses it’s water content and converts to calcite.  The glendonite is a pseudomorph, meaning it fills the space and takes the shape of a previous mineral that occupied that space, namely the ikaite.  The form of Glendonite is a spiky ball of crystals.  
    Glendonite is said to stimulate all of the chakras or energy centers and to improve energy flow through the meridians.  Glendonite helps free the mind of fixed, dogmatic ideas and concepts allowing us to learn new things.  It helps us recognize undesirable habits and change them.  It helps us bring the spiritual into our lives.  It can improve psychic abilities and increase visions and prophetic dreams.  It helps to quiet the mind so is useful during meditation and other quite, contemplative activities.  It increases awareness, understanding and awe of spirit and the spiritual worlds.  Glendonite supports learning by helping us process information better and to understand new concepts.   
    On the physical side, it can reduce headaches, relax tense muscles and aid sleep. It is said to aid the healing of bones and to help the bones and teeth get stronger.


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