Crimson Cuprite is a copper oxide with a bright red or brick red color.  Other cuprites are found in other parts of the world but Crimson Cuprite has only been found in Mexico.  
    Crimson Cuprite is helpful in healing, especially physical healing.  It strengthens and energizes the root chakra and helps people stay grounded.  It is especially helpful for those who have too much energy in the higher centers and not enough in the lower centers (Indigo Children and Crystal Children).  It is an aid in overcoming irrational fears and anxieties.  Crimson cuprite helps conduct inner or spiritual energies to the outer or physical body.  It allows earth energies into the body to combine with the more spiritual energies coming from the higher centers to help keep one in balance.  Cuprite is a stone of feminine power and it activates the feminine archetype.
    On the physical side, it strengthens the heart, spleen and thymus and aids blood circulation, metabolism and stamina as well as problems with the bowels and sexual organs.  It aids vitamin and mineral absorption. 


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