The image of a peacock flashing his hugh and colorful tail seems like a perfect symbol for egotism and, in a material sense, it can be, but in spiritual symbolism, it means something very different.  That bright half-circle tail is often a symbol for the sun and for solar dieties.  It also symbolizes longevity, immortality and love.  The tail also is a symbol of the night sky full of stars and therefore, a symbol of heaven.  To a Buddhist, a peacock symbolizes compassion.  To the Chinese, it represents dignity, beauty and high rank.  It is the emblem of the Ming dynasty.  In Christianity, it symbolizes immortality and resurrection.  The “eyes” of the tail can represent the all-seeing Church.  It also symbolizes rising above earthly matters to the more importand spiritual ones.  Two peacocks standing on opposite sides of a Tree of Life symbol represents the duality of man and the material world.  In Islam, a peacock is the Light which “saw Self as a peacock with its tail outspread”.  
    Peacocks were believed to have the ability to eat poisonous plants without being harmed so they became a symbol of purification and transformation.
    In feng-shui, the peacock is a symbol of beauty, fidelity, and loyalty.
    In Alchemy – the real kind about soul development -birds were sometimes used to represent different stages of the development of the soul.  The lowest, most materialistic level was represented by a crow or raven.  A swan represented the next stage where one is beginning to awaken the spirit and the peacock represented the third stage. 


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