With so much change going on in the world at an ever increasing pace, what can we hold onto for stability and peace-of-mind?  One thing we hold onto is ourselves, our family and our friends.  Although sometimes they are changing as well, the roller-coaster-ride seems less scary when your sitting next to someone you trust.  You can hold on to your beliefs.   But as human consciousness become more spiritually aware, we may learn that some long-held beliefs simply are not true.  What we can hold on to is our belief and trust in God, even if we don’t know exactly what God is, we have to trust that he is always there to help us get over the difficult spots, but only if we are willing to be on His team.  We can hold on to the belief that this period of accelerated change is leading to a great leap forward in the development of the human race.  And we can hold on to the belief that when we all start putting God’s Will and God’s plan ahead of our own selfish desires, He will work with us to turn our planet back into a world of Light.


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