Less than a hundred years ago, Gnostics and Gnosticism was virtually unknown.  Only a few scholars had studied these ancient spiritual schools or churches and most of what was available to study was the comments of writers of the larger churches who opposed the gnostics.  That changed when spiritual and esoteric writers and teachers started mentioning Gnostics in a positive light.  Teachers like Blavatsky  and Papus  (Gerard Encausse) and famous psychiatrist Carl Jung .  
    The big leap toward the new awakening of Gnosticism came with the discovery and translation of the collection of ancient scriptural scrolls now known as the Nag Hammadi Library .  These new documents put a new light on Gnosticism and started a huge increase in interest.  The discovery a few years later of a second library of scrolls known as the Dead Sea Scrolls added even further to the knowledge of early Christian and pre-Christian Gnostics, particularly the Essenes.  
    While many still question the accuracy of the official translations of the Dead Sea Scrolls, there is no question that they have greatly increased interest and knowledge of the Gnostics at around the time of Jesus.
    Of course, conventional scholars will thing that these coincidental events leading to a renewed interest in Gnosticism and Mysticism is just a series of lucky accidents.  Those of us who are part of it think otherwise. 


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