Taking a walk is good exercise, but it can be a lot more.  Walking can relieve stress, help you relax and forget the things that are bothering you, and help you discover things about your neighborhood and the people in it that you didn’t know.  
    Author Sark recommends heading out with no planned destination.  While you may not be able to do that all of the time, it is a good way to experience something new.  Just head out and when you get to an intersection or a fork, just feel what is the right way to turn at that moment.  Of course, you don’t want to get lost, so be careful not to wander too far.  As you walk, try to avid focussing too much on individual things and instead take in everything that is going on around you, all the sights, sounds and smells.  We have a tendency to focus on a few things and miss a lot because of it.  
    Walking also gives you a good opportunity to share energy with other living things.  When you pass a tree, just put your open hand close to the leaves and send it energy and ask it to share it’s energy with you.  Share energy with the dogs, cats or other animals you see.  And, of course, send loving energy to the people you pass.  
    When I move into a new place, one of the first things I do is take a walk around the neighborhood.  It’s the best way, I think, to learn what the area is like.
    If your walking alone, take precautions.  Unfortunately today, even in rural areas where you think nothing ever happens, it does so carry pepper spray or a portable alarm. 


One thought on “Take a Walk

  1. Rosie says:

    Walking is one of my favorite things. It’s good for me and my dog. We have a wonderful walking trail across the street and the camp roads are beautiful too. I love breathing in the fresh air and looking around. I love the trees and the nature around me. It gives me a break from the computer, phone etc and regenerates my “batteries”. I have more energy after a walk but my spirit is more relaxed and feels more “connected”. It also helps maintain balance as we age.

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