A mask is often a symbol of concealment or protection, but it can also be symbolic of transformation.  A very plain mask can symbolizes one who is lost in the masses of mediocrity.  An elaborate mask, on the other hand, can symbolize one who is going to change or transform dramatically.   Mask making is one of the oldest art forms.
    In religious and spiritual plays and native dances, a mast often represents a deity or some aspect of a deity.  An animal mask represents the power of that animal or the ability to communicate with the animal.  Masks are sometimes worn by native healers to frighten illness (evil spirits) out of the patient.
    A mask can also represent the rigidity of death.  The ancient Egyptians were well known for burying Pharaohs and other high-ranking royals with elaborate death masks, often made of gold and jewels.  
    In some cultures, a warrior might wear a mask to appear more frightening to enemies or to represent someone he has killed in battle.
    Wearing a mask in a dream, particularly a mask of some alien being or a fictitious character, often means that you are trying to be something, or someone, that you are not.  It can also mean that you are trying to hide your emotions or your ideas about a situation.  If it is someone else wearing the mask in the dream, it probably means that person is hiding something from you.


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