Cinnabar Quartz is actually two kinds of crystals together.  It is chunks of quartz in which are imbedded cinnabar crystals.  It comes from Arizona where it is sometimes called “blood of the mountain”.  Cinnabar is a dark red, or sometimes brownish red crystal so it stimulates primarily the lower energy centers, particularly the root chakra.  Quartz is white or clear and stimulates mostly the higher energy centers, primarily the crown chakra.  Because cinnabar quartz is stimulating energy centers at both ends of the spine, it aids in getting energy flowing through all of the centers. 
    Cinnabar quartz helps us to align our personal will with the Divine will of God.  It aids in spiritual transformation.  It can also help increase mental agility and clear thinking.  It is associated with the god Mercury so is said to speed up changes, especially learning and spiritual transformation.  It can help awaken insight and psychic abilities.  It helps you adapt to changing situations and a constantly changing world.  It helps awaken “heart consciousness” and allows the heart and brain to work together. 
    On the physical side, cinnabar is a blood purifier and, according to tradition,  gives strength to the physical body.  It will make it easier for you to control your weight and stick to an exercise program.  It is also said to be a stone of wealth and prosperity that brings abundance.

Note: Cinnabar contains mercury so should not be handled often and should be kept away from children.


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