I couldn’t believe the story I heard on HLN about the businesses in an area near San Diago that have put signs in their windows telling people “Don’t feed the bums”.  They say these signs are not aimed at the homeless or real unemployed people, but at a specific group of young adults who come from well off families who have simply decided they don’t want to work anymore, so they have quit their jobs and just hang around the beach and panhandle for meals.  
    First, visitors to the area are not going to know that.  They will interpret those signs as applying to all of the homeless and unemployed people.
    Second, who are these shop keepers to judge this group of young people because they choose not to work?  The shop keepers might not like it, but it is not up to them to tell others “don’t feed the bums”.  How would they feel if people started judging their business ethics? If people started saying: “Don’t buy from XXX store” because he sells cigarettes and booze that kill people,
“Don’t Shop at ZZZZ” because he sells cheaply made imports”, etc.  
    The business owners may not like the anti-materialism of this group, but they have no business putting up such signs and, if I lived in that area, I would avoid those stores.  


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