We all need a sanctuary.  A place where we can get away from the stress and strain of our everyday lives.  A place where we can go to be quite and relaxed.  A place where our mind can be quiet and our spirit can awaken.  Actually, most of us need two sanctuaries: one internal and one external.  
    Our external sanctuary can be indoors or outdoors.  Some people have both.  It should be a place where there are no reminders of the things that normally cause stress.  A minimally furnished room like a zen prayer room is a good example, but it doesn’t have to be that extreme.  It should be decorated in pleasant, soft colors with limited distractions.  Artworks, if any, should be mostly photos or paintings of relaxing scenes of nature.  An outdoor sanctuary is a little easier.  just a bench in a pleasant garden is all you need.  Of course, in many places you don’t want to sit outdoors year round, so you may need an indoor sanctuary as well.
    Your internal sanctuary is not so much something you create as it’s something you discover.  It’s a place inside you where your mind is quiet and you can commune with the Light Beings of the spiritual worlds.  Finding this place is not always easy, but worth the effort and God will help if you ask.
    There are also group sanctuaries where like-minded people can go together to work on their spiritual growth like the one we have at Redrock  near Reno, Nevada.


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