The weather experts are predicting a greater than average number of hurricanes this year with 3 to 7 major hurricanes.  Of course, they can’t predict how many will hit land.

It always amazes me how the cost of airline tickets has nothing at all to do with the distance traveled.  I can fly from Washington DC to Hawaii, spend two nights there(possibly three), and fly home, for about the same as just a round trip ticket to Bangor, Maine.

Just as a stone, a tree, a straw, grain, a mat, a cloth, a pot, and so on, when burned, are reduced to earth (from which they came), so the body and its sense organs, on being burned in the fire of Knowledge, become Knowledge and are absorbed in Brahman, like darkness in the light of the sun.” ~Shankaracharya
Note: The knowledge Shankaracharya is referring to is Gnosis, spiritual knowledge.

In the market for a new home?  Here are two interesting ones on the market:

The house in New York where serial killer Joel Rifkin lived is up for sale.  It’s a two story ranch house. The asking price is$424,500.

Also in New York, the famous house from the books and movies titled, “The Amityville Horror” is up for sale.  This house was also the location of murders and, supposedly, supernatural events after those murders.  The asking price for this one is $1.5 million.



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