We today consider individuality and individual rights important.  We pass laws to protect individual rights.  We complain about teachers and governments that don’t treat people as individuals.  Yet, in recent years we have given up some individual rights to get greater security, or at least a sense of greater security, so it seems there are things we consider more important than individuality.
    I am totally in favor of individuality up to a point, but if you think about it, total individuality would mean complete chaos.  How could you form a government if everyone did his own thing?  How could a company operate if everyone in it was in charge of himself?  How could you travel if the pilot flew wherever he felt like visiting instead of where the flight schedule said he should go?  So individuality is fine, but we all have to compromise to some extent to benefit ourselves as well as everyone else.  Many centuries ago, two cavemen who had been chasing two separate animals for hours, decided to work together so one would chase while the other waited in ambush to bonk the animal with his club.  They found that cooperation worked and started doing it regularly.  Ever since, people have been finding ways to cooperate to get more done.  That does mean giving up some individuality, such as doing what the boss wants you to instead of what you feel like doing, but that cooperation allows us to have more and do more.
    In spiritual development, cooperation with others is even more important.  It’s like the difference between the music of one person on a guitar and a symphony orchestra.  When spiritual people work together, the vibrations are combined, making it easier to communicate with the Light beings that operate at those higher frequencies. 


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