The pineal gland is a small gland inside of your head.  It is shaped like a pine cone and is the size of a grain of rice.  Modern medicine had considered it an essentially useless vestigal of some larger organ we once had but, over time, lost because we no longer had any use for it.  About a century ago, it was discovered that the pineal creates the hormone melatonin which is sometimes used in fighting sleep problems, but it’s real use is unclear.  
    Outside of the modern medical community, the pineal is considered important by those learning to develop psychic or spiritual abilities.  It is ofter refered to as “the third eye” as awakening the pineal is believed to give one psychic vision.  René Descartes  called it the “seat of the soul”.   Blavatsky  and other so called new age guru’s have written about the importance of this gland.  It is true that the pineal gland must be fully functional if you want to develop your spiritual facilities.  The way to do this is not a secret.  Even the scientists know that the pineal responds to light.  It is particularly sensitive to sunlight.  So the way to open your third eye is to give it plenty of light, especially natural sunlight.  
    This does not mean that you should sit outside and stare at the sun.  While that would definately awaken the pineal, it would also seriosly damage your eyesight, possibly causing blindness.  Also, you would be exposing yourself primarily to the light of the material sun which will only make you more materialistic.  A better idea is to just go ourside several times a week and look in the general direction of the sun, but not directly at it for a few minutes.  The best time to do this is at dawn.


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  1. rosie says:

    Thats very interesting. I’ve often wondered about our various parts that the medical comunity say we don’t use or have no use for.

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