Lepidolite is a crystal that is colored pink, lavender, purple or grey.  It is found in Africa, Brazil, Greenland and the United States but the best stones are said to be those found in Auburn, Maine and San Diago, California.   It is known as the stone of serenity. 
     It encourages us to respond to hostility by trying to find the path of harmony rather than anger and discord.  It helps you to see problems and obstacles as opportunities for growth.  It aids in developing more eloquent speech.  It helps the eye to see beauty in whatever surroundings we find ourselves in, much like artist Georgia O’Keeffe could find something of beauty to paint in the stark desert of New Mexico.   It helps us to understand and overcome the cause of depression and stress.  It is useful for emotional healing, for balance, and for energizing the chakras.  It helps removes blockages of energy flow in the body.  When used together with rose quartz, it helps lovers reconcile their problems.  It helps us to free ourselves from unwanted addictions and bad habits.
Perhaps most important of all, it helps us overcome resistance to change.
    For the physical body, lepidolite is said to aid nerve pain, sciatica, neuralgia and joint problems.  It is also helpful in fighting allergies and Alzheimers.  Placing one under the pillow promotes restful sleep. 


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