As we get older, we generally  find that we have less energy to do things.  The other side of that story is that a shortage of energy contributes to our aging.  
    The cells of our body replace themselves on a regular basis.  Nearly all of them are replaced at least once a year, some more often such as skin cells.  So you would think that physical aging would not occur if every cell of our body is actually quite young, yet we all know it does.  Technically, the skin of an eighty-year-old is really no older than the skin of a thirty-year-old, yet we all know they don’t look or behave the same (older skin looses much of it’s elasticity).  So why the difference if they are both made of cells that are less than a year old?
    The reason is because of errors made when the cell is reproduced.  Those errors occur largely because of insufficient life energy.  That lack of energy causes the creation of new cells that are slightly different from the ones they replace, and they are not different in a good way.  The difference between two generations of cells is very small, but after fifteen or twenty generations, it becomes very noticible.  
    So how do we get the energy to help us generate more perfect cells?  We get it by by going out into nature, taking in sunlight, and exchanging energies with other living things.  You give some of your energy to trees, flowers, animals, etc and ask they to share there energy with you.  While you don’t come out ahead in this energy exchange, you do get fresh, new energy.  The most important part though is taking in sunlight.
    One reason why advance spiritual people generally look younger than their actual age is because they do take in energy and exchange energy with other living things.


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