Intellectual Knowledge and Spiritual Knowledge

    There is a big difference between intellectual knowledge and spiritual knowledge (gnosis). 
    Intellectual knowledge is about the natural world and the natural universe.  It is gained by reading, attending classes, talking with subject experts, or simply by observation of nature.  This type of knowledge is limited to the physical universe and is often wrong or misleading when it fails to account for the spiritual reality at the root of everything physical.   
    Spiritual knowledge is not about the physical world at all, but about the spiritual levels of existence.  Since it is not physical, it cannot be obtained in the same way nor understood by the same facilities, namely the brain.  Only by awakening our spiritual facilities, our soul, can we understand the spiritual world and the spiritual knowledge that is streaming to us from the Spiritual Sun, which is like a window between the physical and the spiritual, and from the angels and other Beings of Light that occasionally contact us and pass information to us to help us wake up.  And if we want to be among those who are awakened, then we must do whatever we can to prepare for it.


Be Kind and Helpful

Being Kind Not in some great deed of heroism; not in some great speech or act that may be pointed to with pride-but rather in the little kindnesses from day to day …” ~ Edgar Cayce

We may not all become great spiritual leaders like St. Francis or Gandhi, but we can all do something to help make this world a more spiritual place.  One of the simplest things to do is to be kind and helpful to others.  As Edgar Cayce points out, it doesn’t have to be in some huge, heroic way, just simple everyday kindness.  And not just to friends and relatives, but kindness to all.  And when we are kind and helpful to others, they will be kind and helpful to us.  Not everyone perhaps, but enough.  And the kindness and helpfulness will help us progress in our quest for spiritual enlightenment.  Of course, it takes more than being kind to develop your spiritual potential, but it’s a good start.


Spiritual Symbols: Whirlwind

A whirlwind symbolizes energy, especially solar energy.  It also symbolizes supernatural forces.  Witches, wizards and other magical beings are often seen traveling in a whirlwind or tornado.  In China, Japan and in the Vedas, whirlwinds are associated with thunder and thunder gods.  Whirlwinds also can carry a soul to the next world.  A whirlwind is odten depicted as a spiral so the symbolism of a spiral can also apply to a whirlwind, so a whilwind can represent creative forces, waxing and waning of the moon, cycles of the sun, growth, expansion and death.  Spirals and whirlwinds symbolize the weaving of the web of life.


Random Thoughts 3-28-2010

Spring is here, the air is full of pollen, birds are chirping, potholes are in full bloom.

It’s strange that after the initial report, there really hasn’t been much in the news about the volcanic eruption in Iceland.

Everyday, God gives us the sun – and also one moment in which we have the ability to change everything ~Paulo Coelho

Usually, a drive by shooting isn’t funny.  It is though when the shooter forgets to roll down the window.

And then there is the burglars who tried to disguise themselves by coloring their faces with Sharpie markers instead of wearing masks.

When a guy in Wyoming was spotted stealing a bottle of booze from a store, he tried to escape by running out of the store and into the nearest building.  It was the police station.

A man in Texas left his car running outside for a quick getaway after he robbed the drug store.  Unfortunately for him, he locked his keys in the car.