We all know that an olive branch symbolizes peace, but what about the olive itself?  An olive is a symbol of immortality, fertility, or peace.  In the ancient Heraea games of Greece, a kind of Olympics for women, the victor wore a crown or wreath of olives symbolizing her dedication to Hera.  In the Olympics, the wreath of wild olive worn by the male athlete symbolized Zeus.  In Chinese symbology, the olive can symbolize quiet, grace or persistence.  In ancient Greece and Rome, it symbolized achievement as well as peace.  The olive tree at the Acropolis was said to hold the fate of the people.  In Hebrew, the olive symbolizes strength and beauty.
    In spiritual work, olive is said to help bring one peace, happiness, and harmony.  Olive oil is often used for anointing and purification rituals.  When used for anointing, the olive oil symbolizes the Divine Light. 


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