I have to laugh when I here the fictional vampire and werewolves in movies and TV shows being described as “immortal”.  Being able to live two hundred, three  hundred, or even five hundred years is not immortal.  In all of these tales of immortal dark creatures, they can all be killed.  If they can be killed, they are not immortal.
    Even a news magazine, I think it was Time, featured a story a few years ago about how medical advances were making us immortal.  That simply isn’t true.  Again five hundred years, a thousand years, even a million years is far from immortal.  Nothing physical can ever be immortal.  And, since a physical being must live on a physical planet with a physical sun, That physical being cannot be immortal because the planets and the stars are not immortal.  Eventually, every planet and star dies and all physical life in that system dies with it if it didn’t die our long before.  The only kind of life that can ever be immortal is the spirit.  Spirits are born immortal and never die.  Nothing can change that and nothing can replace it.  That is why spiritual development is so important.


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