Everytime we have a big snow storm, I am reminded of the worse snow driver I ever saw.  Now there are a lot af people who don’t know how to drive in snow, usually, because they rarely have to.  The problem with this guy is he refused to learn from his mistakes.  This is the story and it is totally true:

The day after a big snow storm, I was heading out to do some shopping with a friend.  The highways had been plowed, but the lanes were still covered with an inch or two of hard-packed snow.  We were driving about forty when a small car whizzed by us doing at least sixty.  My friend and I both said “there’s an accidend waiting to happen”.  Less than a mile down the road, we passed the small car which was off the road in a ditch.  Another mile or so and the same small car passed us again, still doing at least sixty.  Again, a short while later, we passed the guy off into the center divider.  A mile or so later, he passed us a third time, still going sixty or more.  Another mile or so and we passed him off the road again where this time he had hit one of those steel barrier fences and done some serious damage to his car.  We didn’t see him again.

    When I tell that story, many think I made it up, but I didn’t.  The point of it though, is that this guy just wouldn’t learn from his mistake of driving too fast for the road conditions.  Someone suggested that maybe he had a family emegency.  That might explain why he was going so fast at first, but after running off the road twice, he still didn’t slow down and ended up missing whatever he was in such a rush to get to.
    All of us need to learn from our mistakes.  The first step, of course, is to admit that we make mistakes.  Than Then we can start thinking about how we could have handled the situation better so when something similar happens in the future, we won’t keep making the same mistakes.


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