About Gems and Crystals

A lot of Fundamentalist Christians laugh at new age types and their strange beliefs regarding the powers of gems and crystals.    I find this rather odd considering the importance gems and crystals play in many stories from the Bible.  The throne of God is described in the bible as being covered with gems (of course, God doesn’t actually have a throne since he isn’t a physical being, it’s symbolic).  The gates to heaven are also describes as being covered with gems, primarily pearls which is where the expression “pearly gates” comes from.  The high priest Arron, brother of Moses wears a chestplate with twelve stones or gems in it.  And the ancient group of holy people known as the Essenes get that name from the essen stones they carried with them to aid in healing. 


Spiritual Symbols: Olive

    We all know that an olive branch symbolizes peace, but what about the olive itself?  An olive is a symbol of immortality, fertility, or peace.  In the ancient Heraea games of Greece, a kind of Olympics for women, the victor wore a crown or wreath of olives symbolizing her dedication to Hera.  In the Olympics, the wreath of wild olive worn by the male athlete symbolized Zeus.  In Chinese symbology, the olive can symbolize quiet, grace or persistence.  In ancient Greece and Rome, it symbolized achievement as well as peace.  The olive tree at the Acropolis was said to hold the fate of the people.  In Hebrew, the olive symbolizes strength and beauty.
    In spiritual work, olive is said to help bring one peace, happiness, and harmony.  Olive oil is often used for anointing and purification rituals.  When used for anointing, the olive oil symbolizes the Divine Light. 


On Immortality

    I have to laugh when I here the fictional vampire and werewolves in movies and TV shows being described as “immortal”.  Being able to live two hundred, three  hundred, or even five hundred years is not immortal.  In all of these tales of immortal dark creatures, they can all be killed.  If they can be killed, they are not immortal.
    Even a news magazine, I think it was Time, featured a story a few years ago about how medical advances were making us immortal.  That simply isn’t true.  Again five hundred years, a thousand years, even a million years is far from immortal.  Nothing physical can ever be immortal.  And, since a physical being must live on a physical planet with a physical sun, That physical being cannot be immortal because the planets and the stars are not immortal.  Eventually, every planet and star dies and all physical life in that system dies with it if it didn’t die our long before.  The only kind of life that can ever be immortal is the spirit.  Spirits are born immortal and never die.  Nothing can change that and nothing can replace it.  That is why spiritual development is so important.


Learn from Your Mistakes

    Everytime we have a big snow storm, I am reminded of the worse snow driver I ever saw.  Now there are a lot af people who don’t know how to drive in snow, usually, because they rarely have to.  The problem with this guy is he refused to learn from his mistakes.  This is the story and it is totally true:

The day after a big snow storm, I was heading out to do some shopping with a friend.  The highways had been plowed, but the lanes were still covered with an inch or two of hard-packed snow.  We were driving about forty when a small car whizzed by us doing at least sixty.  My friend and I both said “there’s an accidend waiting to happen”.  Less than a mile down the road, we passed the small car which was off the road in a ditch.  Another mile or so and the same small car passed us again, still doing at least sixty.  Again, a short while later, we passed the guy off into the center divider.  A mile or so later, he passed us a third time, still going sixty or more.  Another mile or so and we passed him off the road again where this time he had hit one of those steel barrier fences and done some serious damage to his car.  We didn’t see him again.

    When I tell that story, many think I made it up, but I didn’t.  The point of it though, is that this guy just wouldn’t learn from his mistake of driving too fast for the road conditions.  Someone suggested that maybe he had a family emegency.  That might explain why he was going so fast at first, but after running off the road twice, he still didn’t slow down and ended up missing whatever he was in such a rush to get to.
    All of us need to learn from our mistakes.  The first step, of course, is to admit that we make mistakes.  Than Then we can start thinking about how we could have handled the situation better so when something similar happens in the future, we won’t keep making the same mistakes.