Spirits need other spirits.  Fortunately, as I’ve mentioned before, all spirits are connected.  Unfortunately, many of us limit those connections by not opening ourselfs up to them and letting them happen in a natural way.  We isolate ourselves and our spirits from others limiting their ability to communicate with each other.  And that is not only true of human spirits, but animal and plant spirits also.  Real tree hugging is not about showing love for nature, but about joining your spirit with the spirit of the tree and exchanging energy and information (all energy has information connected with it).  
    Highly developed spiritual people such as St. Francis have no difficulty communicating with plants and animals, as well as people, because they open up their spirits and communicate on a spiritual, rather than physical level.  Sometimes materialists laugh at the strange things some spiritual teachers say when they are giving public talks and in a sense, they are correct.  What really matters is what that spiritual guru is communicating on a spiritual level, not the words coming out of his mouth.  
    Another nice thing about communicating on a spiritual level: you can lie with your mouth, not with your spirit.


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