They alone attain samadhi who have
Mastered their senses and are free from anger,
Free from self-will and from likes and dislikes,
Without selfish bonds to people and things.

So why shouldn’t you have likes and dislikes and bonds to people and things?  For two reasons.  (1) by doing so, you are judging which is not for us to do, but for God, and (2) you are saying that some things and some people are better than others, but you are doing so according to your ego’s ideas of what is good and bad, and what is beneficial to you and what is not.  The value of someone or something to the world or to God is not based on what value they are to you.  Does that mean we should not try to right the obvious wrongs that exist in the world?  No, it doesn’t.  It does mean the best way to do it is to develop your spiritual side, help others to do the same, and help our materialistic planet return to it’s original, spiritual state in accordance with the will of God.  Doing so will rid the planet of all evil better than protest marches, letters to the editor, or hurling insults at people doing wrong.


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