Healing Herbs: Turmeric

Turmeric has been a popular spice for over 2500 years.  It is one of the key ingredients of India’s well known curry powder.  In addition to flavoring food, it is also popular, especially in India, as a healing herb.  It is reputed to help keep the arteries clean and reduce cholesterol.  It is also a natural blood thinner.  In India, turmeric mixed with honey or milk is used for wounds, flu, colds, sinus problems, and added to bath water for healthy skin.  A paste of turmeric is applied externally on ulcers, wounds, and inflammations. 
In Ayervedic herbal medicine, it is recommended to treat cancers, diabetes, digestive problems, infections (both external and internal), parasite infections and poor circulation.  It is very good at removing mucus from the throat.  It reduces fevers, urinary problems, and lactation difficulties.  Turmeric, and oils derived from it, are common ingredients in over-the-counter treatments.


Happy Thanksgiving 2009

 Myspace Graphics
Myspace Graphics, Thanksgiving Graphics at WishAFriend.com
Turkey roasting in the oven,
Harvested vegetables on the stove
Aromas of cranberry and fudge
Now compete with cinnamon and clove.
Kin and kindred spirits come to
Share in our feast and joyfulness.
Gratefulness shown for all  we have
In a toast of love and happiness.
Very special blessings to all
In our homes and thoughts this special day,
Never forgetting from whom it came
God bless us” we all say.
By Harold Boulette Jr.

Protecting Property

    In most religions, new churches, temples, or others religious facilities go through some form of consecration ceremony before they are opened.  This is done for several reasons, but one of them is to help ward off evil.  These ceremonies may not be completely successful in all cases, but they do help.  
    You can use similar measures to help keep evil out of your house.  You can say a prayer to ward off evil when you move in.  You can also place protective quartz crystals around the outside of the house, usually at each corner.  
    I remember hearing that Maya Angelou said on Oprah once that if she was entertaining guests at her house, and someone in the group stated speaking negative, bigoted, or divisive thoughts, she would politely tell that person to leave her home.  No second chance.  She didn’t want people who had those kind of thoughts in her home.  She felt the negative energy of their thought would settle into the furniture and the house itself and change it.  To a large extent, I agree with that.  It’s kind of the same thing that happens when a violent death occurs in a building and “ghosts” of the event are occasionally seen by visitors sometimes many years after it happens.  These are not spirits trapped in the physical world as some suggest.  It’s more like a kind of 3-D movie that was recorded and stored in the building and it plays back occasionally.  Kind of like the house is having nightmares.  So you should also try to avoid having very negative, hateful people in your house. 


Spiritual Symbols: Jewels/Gems

    Jewels and gems are important spiritual and religious symbols.  In general, they represent light, heat and the sun, especially the spiritual sun.  The cutting of rough stones into gems is symbolic of or jouney to spiritual enlightenment where the rough, materialistic, egotistic person is “cut” into a spiritually advanced one.  In Buddhism, jewels represent wisdom.  Dreaming about jewels usually symbolizes that you are heading for spiritual growth, or should be depending on the details of the dream.  
    In one dream I had not long after joining the International Community of Christ, I was walking along a path through woods on a bright, sunny morning.  I came to an open area where the sun was shining down on the rocks covering the path.  I noticed that one of the rocks was very shiny so I picked it up and turned it over.  It was full of gems, or crystals, a piece of a geode.  I then started picking up other rocks and turning them over and found that many of them were geodes full of crystals and gems of many types and colors.  This dream, along with others, helped convince me that I was following the right path.  
    In the Bible, the throne of God is described as being covered with gems of many types.  Arron, the high priest and brother of Moses wore a brestplate with gemstones.  The Essenes carried gemstones with them including the healing “essen” stones from which they get the name “Essene”.  Even cavemen picked up shiny stones and wore them. 
    There are many more symbolic meanings of specific gems, jewels and crystals, but I have covered most of those in posts about those stones.