Another dead child in Florida.  Florida seems to be becoming the home of those who kill children.

I’ve been following a weigh loss program where you take certain suppliments, excercise, and listen to hypnotic tapes to help you loose weigh, but eat what you want.  In two months of doing this, I gained six pounds.  Not the results I hoped for.

Already some enterprising person is selling miniature version of the “Balloon Boy” silver saucer balloon.  I hope there won’t be any trick-or-treaters coming as Balloon Boy and vomiting on my doorstep.

To promote the new Windows 7 operating system, Burger King in Japan is selling a Whopper with seven patties.  So what are they trying to say about wondows 7?  That it’s bloated and causes heart attacks?

 A single leaf clings to a branch after all it’s siblings have fallen:


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