Violence Against Children

I heard one of the CNN program hosts recently say that she was forming an organization to study the cause of the recent increase in violence against children.  I don’t remember if it was Nancy Grace or Jane Velez-Mitchell.  In any case, I can answer that question very simply.  Cowardice.  That’s it.  People who want to commit violent acts, but are afraid they will get hurt or killed if they commit them against adults, choose children who are more innocent and less able to defend themselves.  Of course, that then leads to the larger question of why so many people today are so violent.  That is a lot more complicated.  There are many contributing factors.  Here are just some of them:

We have become more tolerant of violence.  We see it in movies, on TV, in video games and in real life.  This inevitable leads to many people accepting violence as normal.

Religious fanatics, or fanatics of other causes who believe anything is good as long as it achieves their goals. 

Those who have no religious beliefs so are not hindered by threats of punishment in the afterlife.  If you don’t believe in an afterlife, than why not go on a suicide mission to kill yourself and your enemies?

Materialists who will do just about anything for a buck.  They may not do violence themselves, but they will gladly do business with those who do to make a buck.


Angels on Supernatural

The CW program Supernatural is one of my favorites but the wacky concept of angels on this program makes me cringe.  I know it’s a fictional program, but I don’t want people who watch this show to think that this is what angels are really like, so let’s look at the version on Supernatural and then correct it.  I’ll put the Supernatural version in italics.

Angels are as violent as demons and devils.
Actually, angels always oppose violence as a solution to any problem.

Angels are trying to prevent Armageddon.
They got this one completely backwards!  It’s the demons and devils/fallen angels that want to keep things as they are.  Armageddon will return the material worlds to the control of God and the fallen angels will loose their power. 

Angels are trying to kill demons and devils.
Again, violence is a tool of the fallen angels and those under their control.  Real angels “fight” demons and devils by getting them to repent and return to God and Heaven (after paying their karmic debt, of course).

Angels need help from humans and will do anything necessary to get it including threats, torture and murder.
While this one is at least partially correct.  Angels do need our help to save the earth from the dark beings, but they get their help without violence and coercion.

Angels can be killed by humans or demons.
Angels are immortal spirits.  Immortal beings do not die.  On the very rare occasions when an angel takes on a mortal human body,
that human can be killed, but the angel remains alive forever.

In short, angels are trying to help us return to God and the spirit world we came from.  They do this with love, tolerance, patience and wisdom.  Never with violence.


The Essenes as Chassids

    The religious order known by the Greek name Essenes, were also known as Chassids.  They were mystics who strictly obeyed their scripture, avoided materialistic pursuits, and shared everything they had with their community.  It is interesting that, while some fundamentalist preachers of today make fun of new age types who carry crystals around with them, the very name “Essene” come from the “Essen stones” that they carried in a little bag tied to their waist cord, which they used for healing and divination.  
    The Essenes were prosecuted by the false priests placed in the temple by the Roman governor forcing them to move into the desert.  They kept their teaching secret, revealing them gradually to those accepted into the order.  They were very discriminating about who they would accept into the community, fearing that accepting unrepeated sinners would not change the sinners so much as it would change the order, and not for the better.  That is very similar to the way the early Christian church operated under St. Peter and St. James.  It was only when Paul started his Christian church that virtually anyone was accepted.


Random Thoughts 10-25-2009

Another dead child in Florida.  Florida seems to be becoming the home of those who kill children.

I’ve been following a weigh loss program where you take certain suppliments, excercise, and listen to hypnotic tapes to help you loose weigh, but eat what you want.  In two months of doing this, I gained six pounds.  Not the results I hoped for.

Already some enterprising person is selling miniature version of the “Balloon Boy” silver saucer balloon.  I hope there won’t be any trick-or-treaters coming as Balloon Boy and vomiting on my doorstep.

To promote the new Windows 7 operating system, Burger King in Japan is selling a Whopper with seven patties.  So what are they trying to say about wondows 7?  That it’s bloated and causes heart attacks?

 A single leaf clings to a branch after all it’s siblings have fallen: