The CW program Supernatural is one of my favorites but the wacky concept of angels on this program makes me cringe.  I know it’s a fictional program, but I don’t want people who watch this show to think that this is what angels are really like, so let’s look at the version on Supernatural and then correct it.  I’ll put the Supernatural version in italics.

Angels are as violent as demons and devils.
Actually, angels always oppose violence as a solution to any problem.

Angels are trying to prevent Armageddon.
They got this one completely backwards!  It’s the demons and devils/fallen angels that want to keep things as they are.  Armageddon will return the material worlds to the control of God and the fallen angels will loose their power. 

Angels are trying to kill demons and devils.
Again, violence is a tool of the fallen angels and those under their control.  Real angels “fight” demons and devils by getting them to repent and return to God and Heaven (after paying their karmic debt, of course).

Angels need help from humans and will do anything necessary to get it including threats, torture and murder.
While this one is at least partially correct.  Angels do need our help to save the earth from the dark beings, but they get their help without violence and coercion.

Angels can be killed by humans or demons.
Angels are immortal spirits.  Immortal beings do not die.  On the very rare occasions when an angel takes on a mortal human body,
that human can be killed, but the angel remains alive forever.

In short, angels are trying to help us return to God and the spirit world we came from.  They do this with love, tolerance, patience and wisdom.  Never with violence.


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