Creative Visualization #4

     A few days ago, I thought of a new way to use creative visualization to help you achieve your goals, spiritual or otherwise.  I don’t if any books on visualization use this method, but none of those I’ve read mention it.  The idea is this.  Have a crystal with you when you are visualizing.  It can be a simple quartz crystal, or any natural crystal you prefer.  It can be alone, or a pendant on a chain.  
    First, cleanse the crystal with water and sunlight to remove any previous programming.  Then, have the crystal with you when you perform your visualization exercise.  Toward the end of visualizing what you want, look at the crystal and see the image inside the crystal.  When you have a clear image of it in the crystal, say “this is what I want”  several times.  If it’s something for a specific time in the future, say that, for example “this is the job I will have in one year”.  Than say to the crystal, “help me remember and achieve this goal with the grace of God” or a similar phrase that appeals to you.  Then wear or carry the crystal with you (if you wear it, do so in a way that it is hidden from the view of others so they will not be altering it’s programming when they look at it).  Repeat this occasionally to keep the crystal charged. 


Spiritual Symbols: Fire

    Fire or flame is a very common spiritual symbol and appears in many forms.  The burning bush of Moses, the pillar of fire that led the Jews out of Egypt and the flame of the Sun of Righteousness that will burn up evil in the End Times are just a few examples.
    In general, fire or flames symbolize transformation, purification, rebirth and the generative power of the sun.  It can also represent strength, power or energy.  Fire can symbolize the illuminated or enlightened as in the tongues of fire that appeared over the apostles.  The soul leaving the body after death is often depicted as flame.  Kindling a fire can symbolize birth or rebirth.  Fire and water together represent the active and passive principles.  In many Native American cultures, fire, especially in the Medicine Lodge, is considered the dwelling place of the Great Spirit.
    Fire is also representative of Hell, devils, demons, and destruction.  This apparent contradiction can be easily explained.  The fire of enlightenment is a spiritual fire while the destructive fire is material.
    Spiritual schools often instruct students to strengthen their energy centers (chakras), by visualizing them as balls of fire or miniature suns in the appropriate color, and to see them getting larger and stronger as you absorb the spiritual light, or fire, of the sun.


Fall Colors and Sounds

   The colors of fall are very bright and attractive, but I like the sounds also.  I stand outside in the morning, watching the sunrise, and I hear the leaves rustling , SHEESH, SHEESH, SHEESH, as a gentle breeze blows threw the trees, and the sond of the falling leaves gently striking the ground, “THIP, THIP, THIP”.  Further away is the sound of a few birds chirping as they wake and off in the distance, a small dog barks.

autumn contrasts-
bright colors,
subtle sounds

falling leaves –
bird chirps
dog barks

gold and orange leaves
floating in a puddle
reflecting my face

My second attempt at haibun.  The first, I posted several days ago on my poetry blog.