Acacia is a shrub or small tree that is primarily a symbol in the Mediterranean area.  It symbolizes life, immortality, love and retirement.  Because it has both red and white flowers, it symbolizes the duality of life and death, material and spiritual, and rebirth.  In Christianity, it symbolizes immortality and morality.  In ancient Egypt, it was a solar symbol also representing rebirth and immortality as well as innocence and initiation.  It is also symbolic of funerals and mourning.  Acacia is an important symbol in Freemasonry.  In is often placed in the grave on the casket at Masonic funerals.  Acacia wood is believed to have been used in the building of the Jewish temple, the tabernacle and the Arc of the Covenant.  Some also believe that the crown of thorns put on Jesus was acacia.  The Arabic goddess Al-Uzza is symbolized by an acacia tree or a grove of acacia.


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