You need to clean out your closets periodically.  Get rid of the clothes you bought years ago and don’t wear anymore. Get rid of the clothes that looked great in the catalog, but not on you so you never wear them.  Get rid of that old shirt, pair of jeans or whatever that is an old favorite so you hate to get rid of it even though it’s falling apart and you can’t really wear it anymore.
    Your mental closet also needs the same type of periodic cleaning.  Throw out those old ideas someone stuck in there that you now know are false.  Get rid of those ideas that made sense when you fifteen but not when your thirty or forty.  Get rid of those ideas you brought with you from the old country that just don’t apply here.  Most of all, get rid of those ideas that prevent you from growing spiritually.  
    So how do you know what ideas to get rid of?  One way is to spend a little time each day, or at least a few times a week, honestly asking yourself how you felt or reacted to things that happened to you or around you recently.  Did you react in a way that indicates you still have some bigotry to deal with?  Did you react in a way that indicates your not as open minded as you think you are?  If so you need to tell yourself that you deny these false ideas of the past and see yourself throwing them out.  You can also ask God to help free you of false beliefs.


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