Way back in the 1800’s, A Spanish captain planted orange trees on the Caribbean island of Curacao.  When the trees bore fruit, the captain was disappointed to learn that the small oranges were very bitter.  He abandoned his orchard.  It was many years later that someone discovered that the skins on these small bitter oranges produces  a strong flavoring agent and later that flavor was used to create the well known liquor Curacao named after the island from which it comes.  The point of telling you this story is that sometimes life gives us bitter or undesirable things that we don’t like but they often have important lessons to teach us.  Most of us don’t like it when these things happen, but they may help us make correct choices in our life, or at least prevent us making bad choices.   You might change your mind about becoming a drug pusher when a friend dies of an overdose.  On the other hand, you might decide to become a medical researcher when a parent dies of an incurable disease and one day find a cure.
    Of course, you shouldn’t let a little difficulty stop you from pursuing your dreams, but you also need to consider that those painful life lessons may be guiding you to something better.


One thought on “Life Lessons for Guidance

  1. rosie says:

    I love this story. I reminds me if that saying “When life gives you lemons…make lemonade”. It’s so true. Often we don’t get the result we expect or want from something that we do. You can consider it a waste or you can look for the blessing in it.

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