Today, most consider those who feel it is necessary to punish themselves, usually for religious reasons, are a little crazy.  We have probably all seen pictures of cults in some countries who beat themselves and stick hooks into their bodies, etc. on certain days important to their religion.  Even in modern Christianity, we have in some places those who feel it necessary to reenact with volunteers the crucifixion of Jesus where the volunteer is not killed but is still put through much pain.  There is also the Catholic clergy group Opus Dei, brought into popular culture by Dan Brown’s books, who continue to practice self-punishment
    The truth is, however, that virtually all of us practice some form of self-punishment, though usually without being conscious of it.  Freud and other Psychiatrist and Psychologist have claimed this.  Within our sub-conscious mind we hold limiting or damaging beliefs.  We believe that we need to be punished for something we did so we weaken out immune system and allow ourselfs to get ill.  We believe we don’t deserve success and sub-consciously sabotage our efforts.  So we shouldn’t be to quick to judge those who consciously punish themselves.  At least they are aware they are doing it.


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